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There will be over 200 million searches performed on the Internet "today”, and less than 70% of those will not look beyond the first page of the search results. Many of these searchers are looking for your services but they don't know you exist.

What can you do to help them find you? Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) is the process of getting your website ranked higher with the top search engines. SEO has been proven to be one of the most cost-effective forms of internet marketing available. AHODWeb is a leader in the science of search engine optimization and our clients have achieved a very high ROI – Return on Investment, from using our internet marketing services.

Search optimization is highly-competitive and the process requires an intense focus as well as an up-to-date understanding of how the search engines operate. Search engines are very technical and employ programs called "robots” that constantly search the internet for content related to "keywords”. The content they find is associated to specific keywords and stored in massive databases. It is these databases that you are searching when using your favorite search engine.

Our SEO engineers have years of experience with web site placement through the major search engines. We keep things simple and continue to evolve our strategies with the ever changing search engine algorithms. With our proven search engine promotion process, we have secured first page "organic” rankings for our clients for years. Our expertise not only entails the search engine optimization of your web site content but we also provide additional Internet marketing services for driving more "qualified” traffic and leads to your businesses web site.

Qualified Leads that Convert

There are thousands of firms today claiming to be the best Internet marketing firm around, but they lack the real-life evidence of their purported success. AHODWeb is in the results business and our results are quantifiable. Internet marketing is no different than traditional selling, it's a numbers game. The simple fact of selling is if you want to increase sales you need to increase the number of leads you have in your pipeline. The more leads driven to your web site the better your odds for converting more of those leads to prospects and clients. AHODWeb has "real” success stories from "real-world” clients to show you what you can expect in terms of success with your web site. Top rankings are important for your business, but even more important is that you are bringing in targeted traffic that converts to leads and eventually customers.

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