ROMS - Retail Online Marketing System

We have designed a powerful and collaborative marketing system unique to our retail partners that will help you drive more business to both your web site and your stores.

ROMS - Retail Online Marketing System is a marketing solution that will scale for any size retailer. At its core is our proprietary PowerTools engine and iMerchCart system. PowerTools gives you complete control over all content within your web site as well as a Contact/Lead Management system and a plethora of electronic marketing tools. The iMerchCart system gives you flexible user-friendly tools to manage your online product database.

Retail Online Marketing - Here's How It Works

We have three options:available for implementation.
  1. Self Managed Cart Solution
  2. Semi-Auto Managed Cart Solution
  3. Fully Integrated Managed Cart Solution

Self Managed Online Marketing Solution -

This is our standard type of retail marketing solution. We develop a new marketing web site for your retail business and integrate our iMerchCart system right in. This gives you maximum exposure for all your products right within your primary domain. No hops or launching separate online store sites. Best of all, this creates the best scenario for the search engines to crawl, identify and recognize your entire product line and index links to those products in their databases.

Semi-Auto Managed Online Marketing Solution -

Here we take our standard retail marketing solution to the next level. We work with you and your POS system to determine if your customer and product information can be exported to a workable file. If this is possible we then write custom scripts to import your customer and product data right into our iMerchCart system. This "semi-automated" process allows you to manage your product inventory, pricing and customer data directly within your current POS system and not have to worry about duplicating the effort in ours. Once the process is in place you will be responsible for exporting the data from your POS system and uploading them to our iMerchCart system. We take care of everything from there!

Fully Integrated Online Marketing Solution -

If you are a current user of the ARS or SysPro systems we have great news for you! We have developed a custom Middleware application that will talk directly to your ARS or SysPro system to retrieve customer and product information without you having to lift a finger. And depending on your requirements we can even insert orders from your web site directly into ARS or SysPro! 
Learn more about our integration solutions here.

Contact/Lead Management and eMarketing Tools -

Every marketing solution we offer comes complete with our PowerTools system. PowerTools is our proprietary marketing engine that allows you to capture leads and market to them using automated eMarketing tools. Interested in an electronic newsletter and blogging, we have that too! We make great efforts to simplify the process of marketing and the execution of your marketing. We think you will be pleasantly surprised as to just how easy it is to create and execute your marketing using PowerTools.

For more detailed information on our PowerTools system, click here.