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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) is the process of getting your website ranked higher with the top search engines. SEO has been proven to be one of the most cost-effective forms of internet marketing available. AHODWeb is a leader in the science of search engine optimization and our clients have achieved a very high ROI - Return on Investment, from using our internet marketing services.

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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is an Internet advertising model used by search engines, advertising networks, and content websites, such as blog providers, where the advertiser only pays when a user actually clicks on their advertisement to visit their web site. The way it works is advertisers typically bid on keywords or keyword phrases relevant to their target markets. When a user searches by keyword from a search engine the search query results will associate and display advertisements based on purchased keywords that match the keywords used in the search. Such advertisements are typically labeled "sponsored links" or "sponsored ads" and will appear adjacent to or above the "organic" results on search engine results pages.

There are hundreds of Pay Per Click Search Engines you can advertise with. As this number increases, it becomes more difficult to determine which ones are worth your investment. That's where AHODWeb comes in. We have extensive knowledge of the search engines and the algorithms they use to query and store content that exists on the Internet. That expertise allows us to write effective Pay Per Click ads for our clients sending "targeted" and "qualified" leads to their web sites through their online advertising campaigns.

The primary goal of Pay Per Click advertising is to drive "qualified" traffic to your web site that can then be converted into leads. AHODWeb has spent years fine tuning our approach to writing Pay Per Click advertising. But writing the ad is only part of the solution. We also provide ongoing Pay Per Click ad support where we monitor the effectiveness of your ad on a monthly basis. As we audit the tracking statistics relevant to your online ad we will make adjustments to the ad if necessary in order to improve the results. We often times make recommendations to create supportive Pay Per Click ads that when implemented, together create a powerful online marketing campaign that drive results. 


Internet Blogging is also a viable alternative to Pay Per Click advertising and is fast becoming a great way to drive additional traffic to your primary web site. We have successfully integrated blogging in conjunction with PPC as part of client Internet Marketing Plans or used blogging as a separate strategy. Whether used in unison or separately, both Pay Per Click and blogging are powerful marketing tools for driving targeted leads to your web site.

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