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8 great benefits for your customers when you offer your own MLS Property Search Tool

  1. Provides Valuable, Dynamic Content... creates a draw for new prospects to visit your web site on a repeat basis.
  2. You are a Trusted, Local Provider... the consumer may feel more comfortable using a property search tool that is offered by a local real estate professional vs. using a national real estate listing portal.
  3. IDX creates Customer Retention... by providing a need and an incentive for the consumer to come back to you.
  4. Strengthens your Brand! IDXsearch supports "agent branding” , keeping the real estate professional's identity and contact information in front of the consumer at the opportune moments.
  5. Creates Stickiness... IDXsearch is automatically updated with the local MLS data in almost real time in the larger marketplaces, and other smaller MLS's on a daily basis. This creates a dynamic resource and consumers will want to keep coming back to see what's new.
  6. Customized Results... You can also bring the updates (that fit their home search criteria) directly to them by an automated email toolset that can be either prompted by them or you dependent upon the service you desire. With our solution, this brings them back to your professional website to view the properties that fit their requirements, each and everyday, when listings become available.
  7. It's a Lead Generation tool... consumers will go to a real estate professional web site that promotes access to the entire MLS database, once they're on your site, you can use capturing tools to gather the leads and gain access to them by way of email and phone.
  8. Your Prospective Clients are becoming better educated with the local market... You need to be that trusted source! Thus, make this type of information available to consumers without needing to interact with you. Consumers come more prepared, better educated about their local market and with more realistic expectations on what their home may be worth. Plus, in the home buying process an educated client will ease your job greatly and allow you to be more efficient while working with them.

Our solution is extremely flexible and customizable. We will work within the guidelines of your stated goals and objectives that support your business model. The solution can look a certain way, the experience can be just so and we promise you we will not force you down a one way path.



We were one of the very first IDX solution developers in the real estate industry creating IDXsearch back in 2003. Our staff understands real estate and more importantly where real estate is heading in the future. We offer a standard IDX toolset or customize your solution. We provide solutions for both real estate brokers and agents with value add-on services and modules as well.