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AHODWeb Dealer Network Solutions

Imagine creating a private network for your dealers or distributors where they can have access 24/7 to product information, marketing and sales materials, your staff contact information and even place orders. Sound to good to be true? AHODWeb has developed a very unique web based marketing solution for manufacturing or distributorship businesses to do exactly that, provide a private and secure network for their dealers.

Dealer Network Solutions is an area of our development arm that focuses on creating custom Intranet/Extranet applications to meet the business needs of our clients. Our dealer network solutions can be something as simple as a web site where your dealers can download pre-designed marketing materials such as print ads, electronic ads and more. Or it can be as sophisticated as having a complete online ordering system that is integrated with your internal accounting or inventory management system. The degree of automation is entirely up to you, projects can be phased over time or completed as one big project. Our development staff has years of experience in system integration and have created some amazing eCommerce solutions that are totally driven by 3rd party databases.

CASE STUDY: H & H Archery

H&H Archery ( came to us with a business need, a very big business need. For years they had been servicing their archery dealers using manual systems. With over 1,000 dealers you can imagine how much overhead this can create from just a staffing perspective alone. Through a joint effort if implementing a new internal inventory management system and integrating that system with our iMerchCart, H&H Archery was able to offer their dealers a private and secure web tool to not only communicate with H&H Archery but also place orders thus reducing the amount of staff required to man the phones and fax machine.

But we didn't stop there, once the H&H Archery database was completed and being updated several times each day from the internal inventory system, we launched a whole new marketing solution for the dealers. Each dealer could subscribe to H&H Archery's Dealer Network Solution which also included a marketing and eCommerce website solution. What was totally unique about the dealer commerce sites is that they came preloaded with the entire 8,000 plus products in the H&H Archery inventory. Imaging being a dealer in a rural location and overnight becoming an online business with thousands of products that you would never be able to carry in your retail location, it was amazing.

The best part for the dealers is the product database is keep up to date by H&H Archery simply managing their inventory. The dealers also have the ability to add other items to their online store, set their own product pricing, create sales and promotions and much more. The dealer network solution also includes the AHODWeb PowerTools system so that the dealer can create and manage sustained marketing campaigns with all their online customers.

Big or small, if you think our dealer network solutions could help your business don't hesitate to contact us. We are always open to exploring new opportunity. Let AHODWeb put its years of experience to work for you.

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