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Social Media: Growing an Audience

AHODWeb TeamThursday, October 30, 2014

While many companies have found success in social media marketing many others have found failure. In this first part of our blog series specifically about social media, we'll discuss ways to get you in the eyes of more people and hopefully increase your business.

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Marketing Tips for Online Retailer's: Getting an SEO Boost for the Holidays

AHODWeb TeamFriday, October 24, 2014

With the upcoming holidays it is important for any business that relies on sales to be either planning or starting marketing efforts to get some nice sales. As a website owner it is even more important, since you have to rely on your marketing just to get people into your site on an ongoing basis, or your website will fall into the abyss of the internet. Here are some tips for making sure your website is fit and ready for the holiday sales.

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Common Mistakes Website Content Managers Make

AHODWeb TeamFriday, October 17, 2014

Every business wants their website to be viewed and bring in revenue, after all we all want a return on investment. With the costs related to website creation and management, there needs to be a decent ROI for it to be considered a successful business move. If you are new to managing a website of your own, here are a few tips to increasing your SEO rankings!

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