The Power of Print

AHODWeb Team | Thursday, November 20, 2014


As the digital world is rapidly evolving and growing substantially with users across the globe print medium is experiencing a huge boost too and it continues to hold a key role in marketing for small and mid-size businesses, and large corporate entities, alike.

Why? Printed Marketing materials completed correctly provide a highly effective and valuable tool for the company and a great resource for the prospective customer. Each letter of the word "PRINT” truly defines the value it can bring to life.

P for Purpose –

Printed Collateral is revealed by neuroscience and eye tracking research specialists that print is a relatively cognitive media. If a printed product or service brochure is designed correctly it makes it easier for the audience to grasp the necessary details or complex messaging. Additionally, gaining any brand relevancy is more receptive to the reader on print than any other mediums. You can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your presentations by using literature as a visual aid. It has a purpose.

R for Real –

Printed materials provide a tangible sense of touch which creates an instant connection between the reader and the paper it’s on. The pure physicality of print can give you an advantage when trying to build lasting business relationships. Print creates a level of credibility and trust with what they can touch. Well-crafted print material, such as brochures, inserts, business cards and pocket folders helps a business or their product present more "REAL”. The mere act of securing ink on paper fulfills a commitment to your prospective customers that you are serious to hold permanent place in their lives.

I for Interaction –

By design Printed Marketing Collateral should be developed to provide enough details to ignite interest but not enough to gain the opportunity to interact with the prospective customer to share the closing details and finalize the sale. If print materials are used appropriately and designed to obtain customer contact it will allow you to position a business for success.

N for Notice –

Just "Get Noticed” by utilizing the print for your greatest advantage. Please stand out and be different and your audience will take "notice”.

T for Tactile Stimulation –

Print Collateral provides a designer a great deal of flexibility on the paper you use or the die treatments or coatings you apply to them. You can use gloss, matte to porous finish papers, from various texture finishes (like, Laid or Leatherette), and with a wide variety of colors to choose from. Your choices are almost limitless but by adding your own design techniques to strengthen your avenues for effectiveness becomes infinite.

Tactile and visual stimulation are both the two greatest senses we have been given. As designers, we’re given the freedom to reach for both stimulators when designing print materials to fulfill the goals set for that specific marketing piece.
The evidence is clear: print remains a powerful marketing medium. However, go with an organization that has the experience and know-how that helps you stand out from your competition. It’s key to your success. At All Hands On Deck Web (AHODWEB) we’re prepared to help you reach that pinnacle at the top in your industry.
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