Social Media: Growing an Audience

AHODWeb Team | Thursday, October 30, 2014
We all want to be successful e-Marketers, but sometimes we just don't know where to start. Social Media is one of the strongest new tools for marketing your business in the world today and yet a giant chunk of large business do not bother with using it. Why? Because its hard!

Getting Noticed

If your company does decide to start using social media, start small but have a plan to grow larger. Ask your friends and family members to give the company page a follow. On most sites and dependent on how large your friends and family's circle of friends are on the site, you begin to start a chain reaction of visibility for your business. Facebook will even show all of their friends that they began to follow you in their update page.

Spare some money for Pay-Per-Click ads within your designated social media sites. How long you wish to stay up there is entirely dependent on your budget, however just being on the side of the page with an interesting couple words can get you a large viewership. 

These couple things will get people looking at your page, but you need to give them a reason to like/follow you. For that task you need content.

Being Social

Unsurprisingly, people react quite positively to posts and/or reposts that are intended to give a social atmosphere where your audience and you can simply talk about things. It is very important to remember that at this point you are trying to grow your audience, and thereby also increasing your LONG TERM sales. I made sure to capitalize LONG TERM because it is important to note one simple thing: you are not trying to sell them in the short term. You do not need to "spam" your viewers with product or service announcements. Adding something in every once in awhile is fine, but your main goal is to create a connection with as many people as possible. 

~Comments/questions? don't be afraid to ask in the comments section! Stay tuned for more tips on utilizing social media!~
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