Marketing Tips for Online Retailer's: Getting an SEO Boost for the Holidays

AHODWeb Team | Friday, October 24, 2014

Sales and Their Importance

Sales seem like a very likely theme around the holidays, and some of the main benefits to website owners are actually less well-known then they should be. While the price-drops will certainly effect the 'prospect to purchaser' rate, it is actually the changes that one needs to make to the website that will increase the SEO value of the site. New banners, prices changing, new images, and even some new text or blog highlighting the sale all benefit your company in the eyes of the search engines. If anything I would recommend daily and weekly sales throughout the holidays, just to continually add new content throughout the event. This will give your website a nice boost during the holidays.


Keeping an active blog on your website is one of those things you should be doing throughout the entire year. However, creating blog posts that only show up in a news section of your retail website keeps new content coming in, while giving you an easy place to keep customer's up to date on the current sales and special events happening. This is especially important if you are doing daily deals, as you give the deal itself much more visibility.


Another thing that should be done year-round, however as a retailer you really should have a special PPC plan in place for the Holidays or whatever your busiest time of the year is. Keeping your company in the mind of potential customer's all the time isn't feasible, however bringing your company into a potential customer's head at the RIGHT time most definitely is.


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