Email Marketing: More Useful Then Social Media

AHODWeb Team | Tuesday, October 21, 2014

When it comes to building your business on the web, email marketing is arguably the most important piece in regards to your success. Here are several reasons why we at AHODweb believe it is actually more important then Social Media.

Ownership and a Lack Thereof

When you build an audience on any of the social media platforms you are also building the platform, sometimes at the expense of your own. You put social media buttons on your site, add content onto their web pages, while all you really get is a percentage of views and links to your site. On the other hand, email marketing builds your own list of interested parties and creates great value for your business. Even if you use an email service provider, any list you create is still owned by you.


Tweeting is fundamentally quick, however the amount of time that most people will be able to see your tweet is entirely based on how many active users that person has followed. Let's say your business has 10,000 followers on twitter. You will be lucky if 100 people see your tweet, simply due to the fact that their main page moves so fast it will likely be gone within 10-15 minutes. It is hard to ignore emails, however. You can guarantee that they will at least see the title and your business name 100% of the time.

Email and its Strengths

Firstly I would like to recognize just how personal email can be. Email lists allow your business to call your prospects by their own names, all due to a little coding. That is a one-to-one message, not like in social media where you throw something out there for the masses.

According to studies 23 minutes of each hour is spent by most adults checking, reading and responding to emails on their phone. With such a large amount of clients or potential clients using mobile devices, delivering content via email is critical to engaging them.

Its a proven sales technique that by getting prospects to say "yes” to a small question or request, they're more likely to say "yes” to a bigger request, such as buying your product or services. Getting someone to sign up for your email newsletter qualifies them to move down the sales funnel.

End Notes

We at AHODweb will never suggest that you stop using social media. However, if there was one important takeaway from this blog, it is that email campaigns have proven to work and should never be ignored.

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