Common Mistakes Website Content Managers Make

AHODWeb Team | Friday, October 17, 2014

Still Bolding Your Text?  Use Heading Tags Instead

There is a large difference in SEO value when it comes to internet content just by the little things one wouldn’t expect. When writing content for a webpage in a text editor you will often use bolding for page headings. However, when it comes to putting it up on a webpage it is extremely important to note that search engines look for header tags, h1 through h6, and use the content within the tags to determine relevancy of your website. By using bolding, there is less for the website to be ranked on, and thus, a greater chance for your website to fail.

Over-Reliance on Images

While imagery is certainly a great asset to have in your website, if you run out of space for sufficient textual content, your page-rank will surely suffer. Text is a necessity as it allows you to use your keywords, adds relevancy, and engages your audience. In fact, Google uses an algorithm to calculate the word count on your pages, meaning that there is, in fact, a minimum amount of words you should use on any content page. Keeping this in mind, make sure that when creating new pages that you add in a healthy amount of text. 

When you do decide to incorporate images into a web page we recommend naming the image to something relevant to the copy it will be associated with. Example: if you have a web page that talks about a product or service you offer, rename the image to something "keyword specific" to your content (product_name.jpg or service_name.jpg).

Skipping Over Social Media

The internet has evolved in the last few years, anyone can see that. How we use it, how we engage viewers, and how people interact with it has grown exponentially. People want to be close with each other and with the businesses they like to do business with. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… these are all extremely large web platforms with a very high user base. Additionally, Most of the time that people spend on the internet can be brought back to these sites. It is important to note having your company listed on these websites increases your chances of people noticing and finding you. While a lot of people use Google to search for specific businesses, many others are searching for businesses on social media (often due to companies handing out coupons, special promotions, and engaging in conversations with their customers). 

For any company looking to do well selling on the internet, social media is a necessity.

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