How To Protect Against Spammers Stealing Your Email Address

AHODWEB Support | Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Yes, its the spammers we have to thank for all that junk mail we receive.  Crafty and unrelenting, spammers have programs just like the search engines called "crawlers". These crawlers scour the internet and dig through web site pages looking for email addresses. They collect these and database them and then either use them for their own purposes or sell them.

You are not alone. While we are somewhat limited to controlling whether our email address gets propagated across the web.we do have a few actions we can take to help curb the amount of spam you receive.

  1. If you are displaying your email address in your personal or company web site you need to change that. If you have a web master that can make a simple form for you then we suggest that instead of displaying your email address you display a link for "Contact Me" or "Contact {your name})" that pops up a contact form. Have the user fill out the form and then behind the page code it is sent off as an email to you.

  2. if your web site must display an email address and you don't have the option to implement idea 1 above then we suggest creating a new email address that you can monitor separately. This is a bit more time consuming but you will protect your primary email account from unwanted spam. Check the new account you created and forward the mail you want to your primary account then delete the remaining emails.

  3. Signing up for services online or shopping online can be a risking undertaking. Most large businesses are credible and won't sell your email address. You need to review each web sites Privacy Policy that you are required to provide personal information including your email address. Be sure they state very clearly that they won't sell or share your email address with any other entity, including affiliate partners.
It's sad that we have to take these extra steps to protect ourselves from unwanted email. In fact the problem is much bigger than that. The spammers have taken to embedding small programs that will install themselves on your computer. These programs may be malicious in nature or simply gathering information about your use and habits. This is why the anti-virus and spyware industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Implement one or all three of the ideas above and you will definitely curb some of that email trash you are collecting.
Good luck!!
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